About The Photographer

Saylor Nedelman

Since childhood I have always been a storyteller, constantly sharing pictures, analyzing song lyrics, and narrating memories that shaped me into the person I am. Today, nothing has changed as my infatuation with these things has only grown deeper. Moving to San Francisco for college amplified these feelings and gave me a new, creative space to pursue photography. It allowed me to expand my skills as a photojournalism graduate at San Francisco State, a music marketing representative at The Orchard, and freelance at some of the most historic and contemporary venues in the state. I am happy to use the camera as a tool to celebrate human connection and capture everyday experiences in an unusual light. Inspired by the constantly-evolving live and electronic music scene, I am drawn to the euphoric nature of concerts and the moments they create. Since turning my passion into a full-time career, over 10 festivals and hundreds of artists have trusted me to document their experience. My ambition and attention to detail lead me to the right place at the right time in any venue. Aside from events, I enjoy shooting press shots, creative branding, and corporate work. We all have stories to tell. This is just a small piece of mine. 

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